2017 Dale Immersion Course

August 1, 2017

Congratulations to the Dale Carnegie Immersion Course participants!

Fifteen students dove into this 3-day intensive course July 18-20 in Fargo, ND, led by our Performance Accelerator, Katie Munion.

Coming from different industry backgrounds and each developing professional goals, all fifteen participants shared their vision and action plan at the end of the three-day course. The active vision statement of each participant align with a Business Application Project specific to their company.

The really exciting part? These detailed Projects translate the skills participants gain in the course to specific goals and effectively provide 100% ROI on the course tuition investment!

July 2017 Dale Grads

Congratulations to the graduates of the 3-Day Dale Carnegie Immersion Course!


We are so excited to share the incredible dedication, drive and passion each participant demonstrated by sharpening their skills and becoming engaged communicators!

Learn more about the Dale Carnegie Course here.


Did You Know?

As an industry leader in professional growth and development, Dale Carnegie of North Dakota and Minnesota dedicates extra time to ensuring you get the most out of every course. Our Performance Consultants work with you and your supervisor to set goals before a course begins, providing a foundation to build from. Wait! We don’t stop there! Dale Carnegie of North Dakota and Minnesota provides regular updates and stays dedicated to helping you progress toward your professional goals; even after graduation from a course. We are dedicated to helping you reach your goals!

Join the millions of graduates of the Dale Carnegie Course making a difference in their workplaces as engaged and effective communicators.

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