Dale Carnegie North Dakota Spotlight On: Heather Ostrowski

March 18, 2015

Welcome to our Spotlight Series featuring interviews with instructors, trainers and staff members of Dale Carnegie Training of North Dakota.

For the month of March, we interviewed Heather Ostrowski, who got her start with Dale Carnegie Training in 2003 as a Graduate and Graduate Assistant.Heather1

How long have you been with Dale Carnegie Training?  

I’ve been employed full-time for 1 ½ years, and I was a Graduate and Graduate Assistant since 2003 for the Human Relations Skills for Success course.

What industry do you work with the most?

Agriculture and Manufacturing

Are there any current industry trends that are different, changing or exciting?

Agriculture is the #1 industry in North Dakota’s economy.  Agriculture is different, changing and exciting every day! Our climate changes force innovation in maintaining and increasing crop productivity and technologies for rapid crop improvement as research shows we will need 100% more food by 2050. We are using our resources more efficiently and women are growing in these fields. In the 2012 US Census, the data showed that women make up over 1/3 of all farm operations.

Our state’s manufacturing industry has also seen an expansion due to our strong market growth.

What have been some of your favorite or best results within a particular industry in the franchise?

Our seed companies are my favorite. We had a sales team of 10 experience the Human Relations Skills for Success course together and their sales leader really paved the way for their success, growth and development by being a part of the experience. In a climate-controlled industry where you can’t control all the elements of your success, this team ended up having their most productive year during a time when climate conditions were their harshest.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Dale Carnegie Training?  

I love meeting with people who care about their people’s development, growth and success. AND Graduation! I have a perma-grin every time.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Enthusiastic, Positive, Insightful

What’s one fun, interesting fact about you?

I am a vegetable/fruit juicing enthusiast!

Heather is pictured in the photo above with Cyril Keller, inventor of Bobcat and speaker at Sertoma Club last summer.


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