Dale Carnegie North Dakota Spotlight On: LuAnne Brosz

December 1, 2015

LPWelcome to our Spotlight Series featuring interviews with instructors, trainers and staff members of Dale Carnegie Training of North Dakota.

For the month of December, we interviewed LuAnne Brosz, who has been with the Dale Carnegie team for 9 years.

How long have you been with Dale Carnegie Training?  

I am beginning my 10th year with the Dale Carnegie Business group.

Describe yourself in 3 words.  

Purposeful, Collaborator, Passionate about what we do

What’s one fun, interesting fact about you?

I have a twin sister!

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?  

Some sort of merchandiser or interior designer!

What was your educational and experiential path to becoming a member of the Dale Carnegie team?  

I have a degree in Business Administration and have always been the “party planner” in both my personal and professional life.  That energy for loving to plan and attend events was a natural fit with the Dale Carnegie team that is always creating, attending and promoting events!  I love to be part of the entire process from the ground up when it comes to our business.   Starting with the logistics and marketing of the event, moving on to the product creation, and finally the event taking place. I love to see the feedback and results of it – being able to have a hand in almost every aspect of our events and programs quenches my desire for a diverse day and my inner “party planner!”

What Dale Carnegie principle(s) resonate with you the most? Why?

#9: Make the other person feel important – and do it sincerely.  People don’t often remember what you say or do, but what they will always remember is how you make them feel.  In a society that is quickly moving away from that personal aspect and being replaced by everything digital and technology-based, I think having that personal connection is incredibly important.  If you can make one person feel like they are the most important one at that moment, the impact of that is priceless.

Looking at trends and changes, how do you see training evolving or being impacted?

We live in a fast paced culture where digital everything is the norm and instant gratification is expected in every aspect of our lives. I feel that the human connection is more important now than it has ever been.

What’s a big personal or professional dream that you have?  

On a personal level, I would love to renew my love for running and hopefully complete a second half marathon.  The first one was an amazing experience and I am looking forward to the challenge again!  Professionally, I would like to see the Dale Carnegie for Youth program flourish in North Dakota.  We hosted our first offering of the program here in North Dakota during the summer of 2015, and I am excited to see that grow to offerings throughout  our franchise area.  I truly feel that young adults who have the opportunity to attend a Dale Carnegie Course before college or starting their careers gives them such a huge advantage. Having a hand in providing that opportunity is something our team has been incredibly proud of!

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